What is Mango Pickle? 

Mango Pickle –  The dish, is an Indian pickle made from special varieties of raw baby mangos. Traditionally, a process that takes months to make, begins at specific seasons and goes through several careful procedures to bring out the best taste and long lasting pickles.

Mango Pickle – The website, is a food site built with the intent of presenting some of the unique & interesting treatment of food via native recipes from various cultures, often not known to the mainstream population. In the beginning  the site  presented recipes/dishes native to the site owner  and the ones she has come across over the years from other cultures. Now, MangoPickle has opened the doors to all the foodies out there to submit their recipes, stories about food joints, food streets, pretty much any interesting aspect of food at Foodie’s Corner.


Why Mango Pickle?

The word “Mango Pickle” has a very interesting effect on the senses, perhaps, for all those who have grown up eating mango pickle. It not only triggers the taste buds & makes your mouth water, but, also  brings back many fond memories. It’s nostalgic in it’s effect,  it’s not just a food, it represents home, represents a culture and food tradition. That’s the essence of the website “Mango Pickle”, to bring back those fond memories through the medium of good food.


Is the site only about native-traditional food?

No, this is a food-site, so, it will try to capture everything about food. The focus however, is to bring out the unique native recipes from various cultures. There will be a dedicated space for everyday-experimental recipes/stories.


Who’s who in the world of Mango Pickle?

Home – Home page, your one stop glimpse into the Mango Pickle world.

Recipes –   Collection or recipes from the site owner and readers, you can contribute yours as well

      Nostalgia – The core of Mango Pickle, presenting you the recipes that are unique and traditional to a region.

       Kitchen Trials – Kitchen Trials – A space where you can unleash the hidden chef in you, explore, experiment, share & enjoy!!

       Healthy Fix – Food that goes beyond being tasty – Tasty & healthy is the slogan here.

Delicious Destinations –   Let’s learn a thing or two about food places, history and heritage behind food

       On The Go – That interesting food street, hole in the wall or a restaurant that caught your eye

       Foodtime Stories – History, tradition, science and psychology of food! Any story about food that is interesting

About – This is the easy one, you know already if you have read through this.

Who are you?

An ardent foodie who believes the real joy of food is not just in eating but, is in the journey & the experience that it brings with it.

Any last note?

Do you have interesting food facts to share? or a recipe that you want to share ? Submit at Foodie’s Corner

Have a suggestion or two? write to us:

Email: admin@mangopickle.net