MangoPickle briefly touched upon the topic of a very widely used food category “Rotis”, in Oatmeal Banana Rotti recipe. This thinly rolled out flour bread made out of different types of grains is probably the most widely used food world wide. So much so that probably there can be a blog dedicated to explore the world of Rotis. MangoPickle has dedicated a category “The world of Rotis” specifically to explore different forms of flat breads, do browse on. Today we will try a very popular Mexican recipe “Quesadilla” with a twist, after all, a little bit of experimentation always makes cooking that much more fun!

The recipe we will try today is a whole wheat Quesadilla filled with Brie cheese and some green veggies served with some mexican style beans and pico de gallo.

Brie-Green whole wheat Quesadilla with beans and pico de gallo

Brie-Green whole wheat Quesadilla with beans and pico de gallo

The traditional Quesadilla is made from a flour tortilla or a corn tortilla filled with cheese and meat or veggies. Typically the mexican Quesadilla uses cheddar cheese, however, Quesadilla is one of those recipes that gives an adventurous cook plenty to play with. This is a recipe for  whole wheat Quesadilla, i.e, we will use whole wheat tortilla and softer and tangier version of cheese, Brie. Brie has a very mild tangy taste and soft like butter and goes well with greens such as spinach, in this recipe we will mix it with some bell pepper and Jalapeno peppers.


Whole Wheat tortilla

Whole Wheat tortilla

Whole wheat flour – 3 cups
Brie Cheese – half a cup
Spinach – 1 cup
Green bell pepper – 1
Jalapeno pepper – 1
Ground black pepper
Red onion – 1/2
Salt to taste

Mix whole wheat flour with a half a cup of water and knead it into a soft but not sticky dough, the dough should be rollable. Take a half tennis ball size dough, spray flour on a flat surface and start rolling into a circular disc. Roll the tortillas as thinly as possible, heat a skillet and cook the tortillas till both sides get small brown patches.

Chop all veggies finely and keep it aside, now place one tortilla on a surface, and spread the Brie cheese evenly on the surface & sprinkle some ground black pepper.

Whole Wheat Quesadilla with Brie spread

Whole Wheat Quesadilla








Spread the bed of chopped green veggies and onion on top and throw in some more cheese pieces along with veggies if you like it more cheesy. If you want whole wheat Quesadilla to be a healthy recipe, go easy on cheese! Sprinkle some salt and pepper and place another tortilla on top of the bed of veggies and press it with hand for the tortilla’s to stick together.

Now on top of the hot skillet spray some oil and place the veggie stuffed whole wheat quesadilla on top and cook it until both sides get crispy and cheese melts inside.

Crispy Brie-Green whole wheat Quesadilla

Crispy Brie-Green whole wheat Quesadilla

For Beans:                                    

Soak 1 cup of pinto beans in water for couple of hours & pressure cook it or use a can of pre-cooked canned pinto beans. In a pan, heat a teaspoon of oil and add ground cumin, chopped onion and garlic and saute it for a min. Add cooked pinto beans   salt and mix it well & bring it to a boil slowly mashing parts of the beans. You can also add half a spoon of paprika or chopped Jalapeno if you want to spice it up.

For Pico De Gallo:

Dice 2 Tomatoes into small pieces, finely chop 1 Jalapeno, half an onion and a handful strand of cilantro. Add 2 tablespoons of lemon juice and salt, mix it well.

Once the whole wheat Quesadilla is cooked crispy and melted cheese, remove it from the skillet and using a pizza cutter or a knife slice the Quesadilla into four halves. Sever hot with beans and pico de gallo, whole wheat tortilla with some green veggies makes for a filling and healthy meal and Brie adds the sour tinge. Brie-Green whole wheat Quesadilla is perfect for any hungry day’s meal, lunch or dinner, enjoy!!

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