Last week many people from the Deccan region of India celebrated Hindu New Year, Ugadi. This marks the beginning of the year as per the Hindu Calendar.  Indian tradition is full of symbolisms, when it comes to religious ceremonies and festivals. A unique way the new year is brought in my home state in India is by eating the bitter-sweet […]

Curious Case of Costarican Coffee Bean

A cold winter morning or a quiet summer evening, before rushing to a long day of work or simply stretching your leg and relaxing, a cup of freshly brewed coffee that can fill your senses with its aroma and give you that burst of energy is a gift. Coffee is natures one of the best gifts to humankind wisely accepted […]

What is common between South India, Thailand, Madagascar and Denmark??  There may be countless human traits that we all share, but I figured, to much of my surprise, there is one more, this pancake griddle:  This is a pancake griddle that is used to make a special type of pancake popular  in southern India. Typically the pan is made out […]

Mango Pickle – A tribute

Mango pickle, an integral part of Indian meal, especially southern India was the name of choice for this website due to the nostalgia it brought with it. There are several varieties of pickles made out of different vegetables all across India. Though usually spicy, they all differ in their taste and processing. Mango pickle, the original variety made out of […]