Vienna’s Naschmarkt

Narrow streets buzzing with people buying fruits, bread, cheese or sampling their favorite bites. Stores full of spices, nuts, stuffed olives, peppers, turkish delights, colorful pottery… that’s Naschmarkt for you. Vienna’s most popular market that defies the geographic boundaries and gives you a sense that there is some sort of global food fair. Naschmarkt is located at the Wienzeile over […]

Costa Rica, what a fabulous place on earth!! The lush green tropical forest, vibrant sunshine, fog covered canopy, colorful birds and above all people with the warmest of hearts, it indeed is a rich coast. This country is truly blessed by mother nature and the Costa Rican lifestyle and food reflects that to the core. As a vegetarian, one constant […]

Good things come in little packages and that applies to food too. The greatness of any cuisine is well manifested in the local streets where it belongs to, with no bells and whistles attached. No gourmet cooking or five star ratings can ever match the sheer joy of enjoying a good bite of street food. How about a street food […]