Time travelled food – Idiyappam/Ottu Shyavige

When we were kids there were a few weekend treats that would instantly light up the house with excitement and make us drool while running around the kitchen waiting for the preparation to be complete. Ottu Shyavige (Pressed rice noodle) in Karnataka, Idiyappam in other parts of southern India, is an epitome of simple cooking. Made with just two simple […]

Chigli – Tangy Tamarind Pop

Chigli – This tangy spicy tamarind pop from India is the old times recipe that we ¬†enjoyed eating as kids. These were the simple fun recipes that kids enjoyed during summer days both making & eating and stood in contrast to sugary pops in the market. Chigli combines sourness of Tamarind, sweetness of Jaggery, hotness of chili powder and cumin […]

Columbian Arepa – Cheesy goodness!

Arepa – I must confess I had not heard of this dish till recently, till a friend of mine shared the recipe complete with picture. I was exploring various types of pancakes at the time and certainly this one caught my attention. Call it a mere co-incidence or the advantage of exposure, since the first time learnt about Arepa I […]

Quinoa Set Dosa

Set Dosa is a classic breakfast recipe from Southern Indian state Karnataka. This is one of the many varieties of Dosa, the favorite pancake of south indians. A basic Dosa recipe is a healthy mix of rice and split black lentil, soaked, ground and fermented for natural yeast growth. There are several varieties of Dosas prepared all across South India. […]

Aebleskiver – Danish pancakes

After trying a few savory pancake recipes from India & Thailand now let’s try a sweet variety, Danish Aebleskivers! These fluffy Danish donuts are easy to make and absolutely delightful. I got introduced to Aebleskivers when I visited quaint little danish town, Solvang, in California few years ago. I have detailed my experience in the article, “Planet Pancakes“. These super […]

We learnt how to make south Indian Paddu¬†in the planet pancake series. Now, let’s try this very creamy coconuty Thai delicacy, Khanom Krok that originates in the same griddle. What appears to be a popular street food of Thailand caught my eyes while I was researching for south Indian style pan cakes made in the special griddle. I looked at […]

Paddu – South Indian Specialty Pancake

Paddu, Gundu Pongal, Appam – There are many names to this breakfast favorite of south Indians. Like many other southern Indian breakfast items, this one too is made of rice and black lentil, making it a wholesome first meal of the day. What makes it special is the griddle in which it is processed giving it it’s unique texture and […]

Spicy Boiled Mango Relish

Zest Alert!! The dish we will see now is going to rise up the zest quotient. Want to eat something that is sweet, sour & spicy at the same time? Nothing better than a zesty, spicy mango relish that is made out of boiled raw mango. This is one of the summer favorites when mangoes are abundant in tropical coast […]

Fried Plantain pure magic – Sanjeevini!

This ones from grandma’s kitchen, an age old recipe that demonstrates, simplicity is the highest sophistication. Growing up with close ties to tropical regions of southern India, I have seen metamorphosis of very few locally available ingredients into great dishes with slight change in the process. The Jackfruit triple role is one of the demonstrations of this. Another one of […]

Costa Rican Patacones

After writing about the magic of simple one or two ingredient recipe here, Plantain Sanjeevani, I had to write about this delicious snack I ate several times during a recent vacation in Costa Rica, called Patacones! This one goes a step further in it’s simplicity, by being a one ingredient recipe. This golden colored circles that appeared to be made […]