Ever heard the saying, tasty and healthy don’t go hand in hand? Well, that is true for most modern day diet. It’s either over the top rich and tasty or healthy and drab. What if you could cook up a really nutritional snack that is also ┬ávery tasty? You don’t need to look into any nutritionist’s cookbook for that, there […]

Ragi (Finger Millet) buttermilk Crepe

Looking for some healthy breakfast recipe? meet Ragi, power packed grain rich in Calcium, Iron & many more minerals. Ragi is Finger millet in English, a widely used grain in some parts of southern India & Africa. Typically Ragi is consumed in the form of dishes made out of it’s flour, occasionally, there are dishes made out of milk extracted […]

This ones a quick experimentation with Quinoa. With my growing liking towards Quinoa, I have been trying several dishes with these power grains. In this recipe, we will add some strong flavors to otherwise bland Quinoa – ginger & orange peel to make for a healthy Quinoa breakfast.     Ingredients: Quinoa – 2 cups Ginger – 1 to 2 […]

Quinoa Set Dosa

Set Dosa is a classic breakfast recipe from Southern Indian state Karnataka. This is one of the many varieties of Dosa, the favorite pancake of south indians. A basic Dosa recipe is a healthy mix of rice and split black lentil, soaked, ground and fermented for natural yeast growth. There are several varieties of Dosas prepared all across South India. […]

Brunch blast with “Oats N Banana Rotti”

On an easy-lazy weekend morning when you want to minimize your kitchen time and yet have a hearty meal that can keep everyone going for a while, “Roti” brunches are the best option. A Roti in it’s simplest form is a flatbread, made by mixing the flour (whole grain or roots in some cases, experimented with oatmeal in this recipe) […]