Baumkuchen Cake

Baumkuchen – An old gem with roots in Germany is a fun cake to bake when you are bored of baking the same old cake recipes. I discovered Baumkuchen on one of my random internet browses and was instantly intrigued by this beautiful cake. I have been wanting to bake this  since then and when I finally did bake, Baumkuchen […]

Chocolate-Oats Nut Raisin Bar

When you want to get the pure joy of cooking, you need to go freestyle! Peep into your pantry, get your hands on ingredients that have been lurking around and let your hidden chef instinct take control, I bet you won’t fail. Ages after I stopped writing about my food experiments, when I thought of getting back, it had to […]

Homemade Pineapple Jam

Jams, Jelly, Marmalade… they come in several forms but all represent one of the ancient methods of food preservation, still in use today. The practice of preserving fruits and sometimes plants and vegetables in sugar and honey pre-dates roman era according to food historians, with early reference to ancient Greeks. The ancient fruit preserves involved storing fruit peels, pieces in honey […]

Pumpkin Crepe with butter brown sugar filling

Holidays are the best time of the year to meet with friends and family, to spend time together and to try some yummy recipes. This holiday season, I tried making some Pumpkin crepe. This sweet crepe with Pumpkin & brown sugar with spices really puts you in holiday mood and it is super easy to make. Try this dessert this […]

Dilkhush – Easy Recipe

When you have a crispy, soft crust wrapping sweet fruit chunks, aromatic coconut and poppy seeds baked to perfection, why won’t your heart be happy? That’s the name of today’s recipe – DilKhush, meaning happy heart 🙂 This is a pastry that we would drool for as kids when we ever went near bakeries. It is one of those recipes […]

Columbian Arepa – Cheesy goodness!

Arepa – I must confess I had not heard of this dish till recently, till a friend of mine shared the recipe complete with picture. I was exploring various types of pancakes at the time and certainly this one caught my attention. Call it a mere co-incidence or the advantage of exposure, since the first time learnt about Arepa I […]

Orange Peel Gojju (Curry)

Gojju is a style of curry popular in Bangalore & surrounding region of India. This gravy typically  thicker than normal South Indian curries uses fresh whole spices. The spice mixture is roasted in little bit of oil and ground with coconut and cooked with veggies. There are several types of veggies used for Gojju, but, most famous ones are Okra, […]

This ones a quick experimentation with Quinoa. With my growing liking towards Quinoa, I have been trying several dishes with these power grains. In this recipe, we will add some strong flavors to otherwise bland Quinoa – ginger & orange peel to make for a healthy Quinoa breakfast.     Ingredients: Quinoa – 2 cups Ginger – 1 to 2 […]

Quinoa Set Dosa

Set Dosa is a classic breakfast recipe from Southern Indian state Karnataka. This is one of the many varieties of Dosa, the favorite pancake of south indians. A basic Dosa recipe is a healthy mix of rice and split black lentil, soaked, ground and fermented for natural yeast growth. There are several varieties of Dosas prepared all across South India. […]

The planet pancake tour has arrived at it’s next stop – Madagascar! We visited the South Indian Paddu, savored Thai Khanom Krok and enjoyed Danish Aebleskivers. Now, let’s visit the tangy little cousin of all these delicious pancakes, from Africa – Ramanonaka! Ramanonaka is an accidental find while I was researching on pancakes made in the special pan used for all […]