Green Jackfruit Crepe

Crepes apparently have roots in ancient Roman times (Foodtimeline), though later largely recognized to be a French delicacy. I wonder though, how far away in Southern India a very similar concept originated and stayed within that small region? Though the great Indian Dosas have gained quite a world recognition, it’s little sister Neeru Dose, as it’s known in the southern […]

Time travelled food – Idiyappam/Ottu Shyavige

When we were kids there were a few weekend treats that would instantly light up the house with excitement and make us drool while running around the kitchen waiting for the preparation to be complete. Ottu Shyavige (Pressed rice noodle) in Karnataka, Idiyappam in other parts of southern India, is an epitome of simple cooking. Made with just two simple […]

Ever heard the saying, tasty and healthy don’t go hand in hand? Well, that is true for most modern day diet. It’s either over the top rich and tasty or healthy and drab. What if you could cook up a really nutritional snack that is also  very tasty? You don’t need to look into any nutritionist’s cookbook for that, there […]

Last week many people from the Deccan region of India celebrated Hindu New Year, Ugadi. This marks the beginning of the year as per the Hindu Calendar.  Indian tradition is full of symbolisms, when it comes to religious ceremonies and festivals. A unique way the new year is brought in my home state in India is by eating the bitter-sweet […]

Homemade Pineapple Jam

Jams, Jelly, Marmalade… they come in several forms but all represent one of the ancient methods of food preservation, still in use today. The practice of preserving fruits and sometimes plants and vegetables in sugar and honey pre-dates roman era according to food historians, with early reference to ancient Greeks. The ancient fruit preserves involved storing fruit peels, pieces in honey […]

Ellu Holige [Sesame Sweet Bread]

Today is Makara Sankranti, the harvest festival celebrated in various parts of India, though known by different names. Astrologically, this festival marks the beginning of northward journey of Sun to tropic of Cancer and entering into zodiac sign Capricorn (Makara). In hindu tradition this marks the beginning of auspicious time for religious ceremonies. Astronomically, the hindu calendar marks this day […]

Spinach Patrode

In my previous post on Jacfruit Seed Budna, I wrote about minimalist food traditions that make best use of limited ingredients and yet bring out distinct flavors. On the same lines, several traditional recipes showcase  the art of processing ingredients differently to bring out a totally different flavor profile. I have always been deeply intrigued to see the same old […]

Dilkhush – Easy Recipe

When you have a crispy, soft crust wrapping sweet fruit chunks, aromatic coconut and poppy seeds baked to perfection, why won’t your heart be happy? That’s the name of today’s recipe – DilKhush, meaning happy heart 🙂 This is a pastry that we would drool for as kids when we ever went near bakeries. It is one of those recipes […]

Budna – Jackfruit Seed Cookies

The most intriguing part of native authentic cuisines is the art of making complete use naturally available ingredients, skin to seed. In the modern world where consumers have an array of options to choose from, where one doesn’t have to wait for a particular season to get a certain type of food, the novelty of seasonal food is lost. Far […]

Chigli – Tangy Tamarind Pop

Chigli – This tangy spicy tamarind pop from India is the old times recipe that we  enjoyed eating as kids. These were the simple fun recipes that kids enjoyed during summer days both making & eating and stood in contrast to sugary pops in the market. Chigli combines sourness of Tamarind, sweetness of Jaggery, hotness of chili powder and cumin […]