When you want to get the pure joy of cooking, you need to go freestyle! Peep into your pantry, get your hands on ingredients that have been lurking around and let your hidden chef instinct take control, I bet you won’t fail. Ages after I stopped writing about my food experiments, when I thought of getting back, it had to be one such recipe. This one is inspired by the fruit and nut chocolate I enjoyed as a kid in a dessert bar style.

Choco-Oats nut raising bar

For this recipe, I tried to create two layers, the bottom layer of Oats and nut mixture and a top layer of chocolate raisin. To balance out the sweetness and smoothness, both layers got equal parts of almond meal. 

Bottom layer:

A cup of oatmeal, I took steel cut and quarter cup each of almonds, pistachios, walnuts and cashew, throw them in microwave for a couple mins and crush them in blender. I blended oatmeal and nuts separately, kept both coarse, mix half cup of almond meal into this mixture to balance the sweet/soft texture. I fried the nut-oats mixture using 4 tbsp of clarified butter over medium flame till they turned lightly brown and got nice aroma.

thumb_IMG_2345_1024thumb_IMG_2350_1024Now, its time to add some sweetness, I used a cup of sugar and add it to the toasted nut-oats mixture and keep stirring till sugar melts and whole thing slowly cooks in the sugar. You cook this till the mixture starts leaving the sides and combines as a whole. Now, set a cookie baking sheet with a foil and grease it. Spread the cooked mixture evenly into a square base, let it cool.



Lower layer:

Take half of a butter stick, melt it on a medium flame, throw in a cup of raisin, lightly roast it for a minute, add a cup of chocolate powder, remaining half of almond meal and mix them in well (alternatively, you can use choco chips melted over double boiler and mix with butter and raisin, this would help give more even, crispy texture to the layer). Now, add some sugar to this mix, I used a cup of sugar powder and just a couple spoons of milk to mix them in.









Once the chocolate is melted and perfectly mixed with raisin, bring it over to the oat and nuts base and spread it out evenly. After all the chocolate mixture is spread out, let this cool and then put it in the refrigerator for an hour for it to set. After the bar sits in the fridge for an hour or till it sets well, it is ready to cut into squares of any other shape of your choice and enjoy the nutty oats with creamy chocolate-raisin goodness! Hope you have fun with this recipe and experiment with different flavors.


Oatmeal – 1 cup

Almond meal – 1 cup

Nuts – 4 types of nuts 1/4 cup each

Ghee – 4 tbsps

 Sugar – 1 cup

Sugar powder – 1 cup

Chocolate powder – 1 cup

Raisin – 1 cup

Butter – 1/2 stick


Lightly toast nuts and grind it into coarse bits. Grind Oatmeal into coarse powder. Mix nuts and oatmeal and roast it in Ghee over medium flame till golden brown. Add sugar and cook it till the mixture separates. Spread on a greased pan evenly and let it cool.

Heat butter in a skillet, lightly roast raisin, add chocolate powder and sugar powder and mix it well. Spread it over cooled Oats & nuts mixture, set it in the refrigerator before cutting it to squares.

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