Coconut milk, Lemon, Ginger – do these ingredients already give you a kick? Throw some hearty veggies in and you have a satisfying soup for your dinner. This very easy and quick recipe is an adaptation of Thai Galangal soup. Galangal is a root in the ginger family and often found in south east asian recipes, especially soups. This zesty root gives a refreshing flavor to soups leaving a lingering taste in your mouth.

Coconut Lemon Ginger Soup

Coconut Lemon Ginger Soup

I am a big fan of Galangal soups served in Malaysian and Thai restaurants but, I have never found Galangal in any grocery stores. So, I decided to embrace the big sister ginger and with added coconut milk, you can go wrong! I have tried a several variations of this soup by adding complimentary ingredients that typically go well with these ingredients such as lemon. Coming to coconut milk, before trying some of the Thai soups I had never thought of incorporating coconut milk in soups. Coming from a region in India that uses coconut heavily in recipes, I am always up for incorporating little coconut in the recipes. With that note, let’s make some coconut lemon ginger soup. Here I am using some lemon rind and lemon grass to build up the lemony flavor.

Ingredients:                                 DSC_0005

 Coconut milk – 1 cup
 Ginger – 1 inch shoot crushed
 Lemon rind – About 4 inch strand
 Lemon grass – Few inches stick (Optional)
Dried Red Chili & Curry leaves
Olive Oil – 1 tea spoon
Crushed black pepper
Salt to taste
 Crunchy Veggies
In this recipe I have used red cabbage, asparagus and carrots.

In pot add a cup of water, add crushed ginger, lemon rind and lemon grass and bring it to boil, add coconut milk and crushed black pepper and salt, let it boil for a min. You can make your soup as creamy or as watery to your liking, here you see a thin soup with just a hint of coconut milk. Add your veggies into the boiling mixture and let it boil just for a couple mins. Veggies should be boiled just enough to cook but retain their crunchiness & turn off the heat.


Coconut Lemon Ginger boiling

Now, to take the kick a notch up, we will add some dried red chili and curry leaves seasoning to the soup. On a medium flame, keep a seasoning pan and and add oil oil. Once it is hot, throw in some dried red chilies and curry leaves in there and let it fry till crispy.

Seasoning for Coconut Lemon Ginger Soup

Seasoning for Coconut Lemon Ginger Soup

Add the seasoning on top of the soup and just give a light stir. Serve the soup in a bowl and enjoy while it is still warm and melt all your stress of a hard day in minutes,  Cheers to Coconut Lemon Ginger Soup!!


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