After writing about the magic of simple one or two ingredient recipe here, Plantain Sanjeevani, I had to write about this delicious snack I ate several times during a recent vacation in Costa Rica, called Patacones!

This one goes a step further in it’s simplicity, by being a one ingredient recipe. This golden colored circles that appeared to be made out of Plantains & perhaps something more not only caught on the taste buds but also the imagination. I thought, by the first look of it, that it may include some sort of flour along with Plantain. But, after a bit of search for the recipe revealed, it’s just green Plantain & Plantain only!




Peel the green Plantain and cut into 2 inch slices. In a shallow pan, heat the oil and place the slices and fry till they get light golden brown. Remove from the pan and put it in a strainer with paper towel to remove excess oil and let it cool for a few mins.




On a flat surface or on top of a tortilla press place aluminium foil or a plastic sheet and place one slice of fried Plantain. With a heavy plate or a pan press it hard. I used Tortilla press. The Plantain flattens into a circular disc.





Quickly place it back in the hot oil for a quick fry for half a min or till it’s crispy, remove from the oil and drain it on paper towel, sprinkle salt.


For re-fried beans
Chop onions, red bell pepper into fine chunks, in a pan heat 2 teaspoons of oil and saute it till they are soft. Wash a can of black beans and put it in a blender along with sauteed vegetable, cilantro & Lizanno sauce & blend them together, if you like you can add some lemon juice.


Enjoy warm Costa Rican Patacones with zesty re-fried black beans.

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