Momos! these delicious Nepalese dumplings are by far the most hearty fast food I have ever eaten. These steamed goodness filled with veggies (or meat for meat lovers) are absolutely delightful in the winter. Momos are a very popular fast food in India and a regular in any Indo-chinese restaurant menu. Served steaming hot often in the bamboo steamer can sooth your senses but at the same time give a good kick to your tongue. Momos are a type of dumpling made out of all purpose flour dough has it’s home in the cold and hilly regions of Himalayas, Nepal, Tibet and few other eastern states of India. Though there are several varieties, the most popular fast food Momos are the ones in it’s simple form, veggies/meat filled inside a dough sheet and steamed to perfection.


Momos with Spicy Sesame-Bell Pepper Sauce




For the Wrapper:
All purpose Flour – 2 cups
Water – 1 cup
Salt to taste

Mix the flour, water & salt to make it into a dough of softer consistency.



For the Filling:
Grated Carrots – 1 cup
Chopped Cabbage – 1 cup
Chopped Spinach – 1 cup
Chopped Spring Onion – 1/2 ┬ácup
Sliced Ginger – 1/2 inch shoot
Soy sauce – 2 teaspoons
Turmeric – 1/2 tea spoon
Oil – 2 teaspoons
5 Spice mixture – Cumin, Fenugreek, Sesame , Fennel & Mustard; Equal quantity each

Dry roast the 5 spices  ratio and grind it to fine powder once cools down. You can preserve it in a tight lid box for future use


In a flat pan, heat the oil and add 2 teaspoon of ground mixture, turmeric and mix it well. Add chopped vegetables, soy sauce and saute them for 5 mins.


On a flat surface sprinkle some flour and roll out the dough as thinly as possible. Take a round lid and press it into rolled dough to cut it into round pieces.


Place each circle on your palms, fill it with sauteed vegetable at the center and gather the dough sheet and close it at the center. An experienced hand can make really nice frill while closing the mouth of the Momo, but, even if you manage to close it it tastes just good! Place the closed Momos into a steamer or a pressure cooker.




Steam the Momos for 20-30 minutes if it is a steamer or for 15 mins without whistle in pressure cooker. Warm and spicy Momos are ready, pair it with some spicy sesame sauce and enjoy while it’s steaming hot!!


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