Zest Alert!! The dish we will see now is going to rise up the zest quotient. Want to eat something that is sweet, sour & spicy at the same time? Nothing better than a zesty, spicy mango relish that is made out of boiled raw mango.

This is one of the summer favorites when mangoes are abundant in tropical coast of southern India where I have my roots & has a unique name – “Devendra”. Devendra is the king of heaven in Indian mythology, someone seem to have been really happy with this dish to give it that name! It’s not hard to see why if you try this dish.Simple recipe takes just a few steps, read on.




Green Raw Mangoes – 2
Onion – 1/2 if big, 1 if small
Green Chili – 2 to as much you wish!
Ginger – 1 inch
Salt to taste

Wash green mangoes and slice off the tip. In a large pan, big enough to fully dip the mangoes, fill water till 3/4 or more, sprinkle salt and dip mangoes. Heat it in medium to high flame till mangoes turn pale yellowish brown and turn soft (takes about 20-30 mins)




Let the mangoes cool a little, now they are soft enough where you can peel the skin off by hand and squeeze the pulp out.Now, chop onion, slit the green chili and chop ginger.



For Seasoning:

Oil – 2 teaspoons, Mustard –  1 teaspoon, Cumin seeds –  1 teaspoon, Split Black Gram (Urad Dal) –  1 teaspoon, Split Chick peas (Channa Dal) –  1 teaspoon, Curry Leaves –  3-4, Turmeric & Asafoetida –  a pinch

In a flat pan, heat oil and add mustard, split grams, cumin, turmeric & asafoetida and let it splutter. Add curry leaves, ginger & green chili and saute it for half a min. Add chopped onion and saute it till it turns light brown. Now, add the boiled mango pulp, salt and mix them well. Optionally you can add half a spoon of sugar or crushed Jaggery. Let the mixture cook for couple mins.


Enjoy the spicy, zesty boiled mango relish with rice, or as spread on a slice of bread or just as a side for any dish. It stays fine for 2-3 days if refrigerated.

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