We learnt how to make south Indian Paddu in the planet pancake series. Now, let’s try this very creamy coconuty Thai delicacy, Khanom Krok that originates in the same griddle. What appears to be a popular street food of Thailand caught my eyes while I was researching for south Indian style pan cakes made in the special griddle. I looked at several recipes and watched videos to get an idea as I have to confess I have never tried it myself before I made them in my kitchen (I wonder why they don’t serve it in any Thai restaurants, I am certainly going to keep special eyes on them now on). I found several different translations for “Khanom Krok/Kanom Krok” all which said “Krok” means the griddle but, some said Khanom means “sweet” some said it meant “Snack” either ways, the dish I made was a pure delight. Let’s learn how to make Khanom Krok – creamy coconut rice pancake.

Khanom Krok Recipe

Creamy & crispy Khanom Kroks – Absolute delight


Ingredients:                                                                Khanom Krok Ingredients

Rice Flour – 1 cup
Uncooked Jasmine rice/fragrance rice – 2-3 teaspoons
Coconut Milk – 1 can
Spring Onion – 4-5 strands/ 1 cup chopped
Sweet Corn – 1 cup
Tapioca flour/ arrowroot flour – 1 teaspoon

(Original recipe calls for the above ingredient, however, I used just a little bit of corn starch and it worked fine)

Sugar – 1 tea spoon
Salt to taste

First, open the coconut milk can and take out the creamy top layer in a separate bowl/cup.  Take the jasmine rice & grind it in mixer, here again , I did not have jasmine rice in my kitchen hence I used Indian fragrant rice which is very similar to jasmine rice called “Cumin rice”. Grind the rice to grainy powder.

Mix rice flour, ground rice with about half a can of coconut milk & salt, add water if needed to get it to a slightly thick dough that of cake batter consistency. In another cup, preferably something that is easier to pour, dissolve a spoon of sugar in the coconut milk and add the starch (tapioca flour or arrowroot flour, like I mentioned I used a spoon of corn starch, but, can see how tapioca flour can add to the flavor).

Now, heat the griddle on a medium heat, spray oil & smear it into each indentation. Slowly pour the rice flour mixture into each hole till it is 1/2 full.

Khanom Krok Griddle

First layer of Khanon Kork – Rice flour coconut batter

Keep the griddle closed with a lid for couple mins. when you start seeing the top of the dough slightly dry , pour the coconut milk – sugar liquid on top of each of these slowly till you fill each cups.

Khanom Krok in the making

Second coconuty layer of Khanom Krok

On top of each of these sprinkle chopped sweet corn & spring onion and cover a lid and let it cook for couple more minutes.

Khanom Krok toppings

Khanom Krok slowly cooking in the pan

Once you see the top of batter has begun to dry a lil bit and sides are turning brown, slowly insert a spoon and try it run it along the sides, slowly making it to the bottom of the griddle. If it is not coming out easily, you might want to keep it for little longer.

Once it is cooked, the Khanom krok will come out easily, if you had trouble with one batch, try adding some more rice flour to the rice-coconut mixture.

Once you take the Khanom krok out, place it in a plate or bowl and eat them warm – you are sure to have a flavor blast in your mouth. Creamy, delicate coconuty sweet flavor mixed with bit of a zest from the spring onion & crunchy corn UMmmmmmmmm! This is by far the best pan cake I have tried & I wonder why I did not discover this earlier!

As every experimenting foodie can guess, you can try various different types of toppings or add none at all to bring variety into Khanom Krok . Either ways, the star ingredients are rice & coconut here. It’s not very hard to make, so, the moment you have your griddle (Aebleskiver griddle or Paddu pan), try Khanom Krok recipe. They can jazz up your weekend!


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