Narrow streets buzzing with people buying fruits, bread, cheese or sampling their favorite bites. Stores full of spices, nuts, stuffed olives, peppers, turkish delights, colorful pottery… that’s Naschmarkt for you. Vienna’s most popular market that defies the geographic boundaries and gives you a sense that there is some sort of global food fair.


Naschmarkt is located at the Wienzeile over Wien river. This very popular tourist spot apparently exists since 16th century.

Nascmarkt gets it’s name from the milk bottles that it sold in it’s olden days. The bottles those days were made of “Asch” tree wood earning it the name “Aschenmarkt” before it turned to today’s Naschmarkt.


This open air market is full of vendors selling turkish, lebanese, Indian and many other world food items. Along the way several small restaurants packed with tourists and locals alike add to the cheerful ambiance of the place.

The Nuts and Candy Store, the one of many on the streets of Naschmarkt

Very friendly vendors chat you up all along eager to sell you the stuff they have on their stores.

Chilli slices

Nope, these are not Saffron strands, they are the red chilli strands, sliced to perfection!!

Wanderer's bread!

Wanderer’s Bread for all the wanderers out there in the Naschmarkt!


Stuffed Olives, Chilies, Prunes and many more

The vibrancy of the market is enhanced by a variety of stuffed olives, prunes, chillies all along the street. Spices neatly packed in bags are inviting. Many stores selling hummus and falafels and halwas make you think for once if you have reached the middle eastern streets somehow.


Pottery shops sprinkle more color to the vibrant streets

Naschmarkt is a colorful world that leaves a lasting memory on your mind, a very vibrant one at that. If you ever find yourself in a very stately Vienna, make sure you keep aside a few hours of yours to this common man’s paradise, Naschmarkt.

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